Fyre Festival is fresh on everyone’s minds, thanks to two new documentaries on Hulu and Netflix. It has been almost two years since the festival’s disastrous run, but we’re still talking about it. Fyre has truly become a pop culture sensation.

We doubted another Fyre Festival would ever happen, but a mysterious Facebook event says otherwise. The Facebook event promotes a Fyre festival on the Matiu/Somes Island in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. A Facebook page called The Student Bible posted the event, so it’s likely just a joke. But, the idea itself is pretty funny.

The event page itself is sparse in details, only giving a date of February 23 and a description reading “Let’s make Billy’s vision a reality.” The Billy in reference is of course Billy McFarland, the Fyre founder and noted scammer and criminal. The event page’s cover photo is a low quality image of New Zealand with FEMA tents photoshopped in for good measure. The FEMA tents reference the tents used at Fyre, a far cry from the luxurious villas promised to attendees.

If anyone wants to risk another Fyre debacle, book your plane tickets now. Otherwise, sit back, relax and enjoy the potential social media show.