I usually pay attention to tracks and releases that come out on Thursdays and Fridays, so I’m not surprised this release from LEViT∆TE went under my radar, as it released last Saturday. But as soon as I found it, I’ve had it on repeat. Fatalism is all the sound design you want and more, wrapped in a nice midtempo bow.

Fatalism is LEViT∆TE at his finest, drawing inspiration from contemporaries like G Jones, Eprom, or Tsuruda. You can hear it clearly in the snares in “In This City,” or the beat rhythm of “Pitchblaque” — the wild and frenetic sound design doesn’t overpower the actual strength of the synths and melody, which is a huge concern when you’re going this hard.

The sort of built-in interlude in “Wasting Your Breath” is exquisitely beautiful, especially leading into the more distorted drop in the song.

With this EP, LEViT∆TE easily places himself at the same level, at least production-wise, as some of the most revered DJs in that genre right now. Listen to Fatalism below.