The last twelve months for blanke have been stellar by anyone’s standards. Collaborations with Rezz and JayKode, remixes for RL Grime, Madeon, and Skrillex, and now he’s finally beginning to tour the US… who could ask for more? However, an artist’s job is never over, and the inspire to create is ever-present. Today, blanke dropped a new two-track EP on Deadbeats that is sure to keep the hype and momentum going.

Entitled “ALT. COLOUR” and “VOICE IN THE MACHINE,” the two tracks together form a seven minute sonic experience down a dark, voluminous rabbit hole. Effortlessly flowing between glitch and midtempo inspirations, the two tracks are a banner representation of blanke’s versatility and talent as a producer.

“ALT. COLOUR” masterfully builds suspense, dropping into bass filled chaos and just as quickly pulling back, almost like playing tug of war with your expectations. And yet, it still manages to have somewhat of a swinging rhythm, something I haven’t really found before in any midtempo bass tracks.

On the other hand, “VOICE IN THE MACHINE,” while still cinematic, is less swing and more devil. The synths are crunchier, the kicks heavier, the outlook more bleak…

Altogether, it’s a brilliant pair of tracks woven together with a common thread. You can listen to them both below, out now via Deadbeats.