If you look on Amazon today, you will no longer be able to find reagents related to testing drugs for the purpose of harm reduction. As far as we can tell, Amazon has not made any formal announcement regarding the move; however, any vendors trying to sell harm reduction test kits on the platform can no longer be found.

Mixtures like the Mandelin, Mecke, Marquis, and Simon’s Reagents can be used to test adulterants and other unwanted chemicals in substances like ecstasy pills, cocaine, ketamine, and more. These reagents were popularized by non-profit organizations like DanceSafe who performed these tests in person at music events; the organization gained nationwide notoriety in the late 2000s as the national debate about a purported “ecstasy crisis” was ongoing in the media.

The reality is that these test kits save lives, but their sale is strictly against the Amazon Terms of Service. That being said, you can still find these kits directly from the companies themselves on their websites.

Find a basic testing kit from DanceSafe here.


Your EDM does not condone the use of illegal substances. If you or someone you know is having an adverse reaction to some unknown substance, please call 911.