It’s 64 days until Rolling Loud festival opens in Miami and, a few days ago, the event decided to remind fans with a very harmless tweet: “68 days until we open the pits.” Some random salty dude decided to reply, “Do people really go to rap shows just to hear them scream every other word over a backing track…?”

Rolling Loud clapped back hard, “Do people really go to raves to hear the same beat for 10 hours.” And EDM fans were not having it.

In context, it’s easy to see that it was a joke, and one that hit a particularly vulnerable bulls eye for a lot of people, apparently. But the tweet began to be shared around social media without the preceding tweet, and Rolling Loud began to get a lot of angry ravers in its mentions.

Check it all out below.


Photo via The Holy Mountain for Insomniac at EDC Las Vegas