Out March 15 on Netflix is the new series “Turn Up Charlie” starring Idris Elba, Piper Perabo, and JJ Feild. The synopsis for the video reads, “Turn Up Charlie follows a down-and-out DJ who plots to rebuild his music career whilst working as a nanny for his famous best friend’s wild 11 year old daughter.”

While that may sound like quite the obnoxious Disney-channel-meets-millennial plot for a Netflix series ever, the trailer below should help put your mind at ease. Perabo and Elba are seasoned actors and their skill more than makes up for the shaky premise. The writing is also quick and witty, and doesn’t dwell too much onĀ We Are Your Friends-esque tropes (sorry, Zac Efron).

The fact that Elba plays more of an amateur producer also helps to ground the series, as watchers are just as likely to be confused by phrases like “stack that layer” as his character is.

Check out the trailer for “Turn Up Charlie” below.