MASTERIA brings Detroit flavor to Tchami‘s CONFESSION label with his brand new GROOVE EP, out now. If his name doesn’t already provoke the sense of “mass hysteria” — his sound certainly will.

The ominous producer first arrived on the scene in 2018 with a debut release. His followup made a statement, as he unleashed the DARKNESS EP via CONFESSION. Flash-forward to now and MASTERIA is at it again, serving up energetic, upbeat sounds that emit an overall ominous tone.

“This Groove” and “Lose Control” are deliberate steps in MASTERIA’s inevitable takeover. These are the sounds of the night — the music that will bring revelers from heavy, late nights into the early mornings. Repping house music at it’s finest, with frenzied rhythms, menacing basslines, and infectious tech-house appeal, the EP gives off a “dance till you’re dead” vibe.

So press play, get your groove on, and let the music make you lose control! Listen and link up MASTERIA right here and never miss a beat!



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