Performers are not infallible. There are plenty times in the careers of a DJ, actor, comedian, athlete or what have you that they are not in peak physical condition — and yet, they soldier on and deliver a worthy performance because it is their job and they’re passionate about their craft.

Yesterday, beginning with a rather innocuous comment from Rezz, Jauz shared his own horror story of being on stage in Vegas with a raging fever: “it was one of the best residency shows I ever did, I ended up giving so much energy during the set and then when it was done I literally couldn’t walk back up the stairs to my hotel.”

From there, Rezz got the idea to ask others about their own “performance horror stories,” and let me tell you, the floodgates opened. Kayzo, Illenium, Hotel Garuda, Ducky, Ekali, Tisoki, p0gman, Feed Me, Luca Lush and more all shared their unique performance horror stories, and we just gained a whole newfound respect for these legends.

Read them all below!


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