Ultra Music Festival has loads of special, unique, and exclusive performances lined up for its 2019 edition going down in just a little under three weeks. Among them is the world debut of Deadmau5’s Cube 3.0, a massive, towering structure that will be unveiled at the Live Arena on Saturday, March 30.

Now, we know that the Cube will absolutely be heading out on tour, thanks to an Instagram post from mau5 himself and an accompanying website. Fans can sign up for text alerts for the tour, so be sure to have your phone handy. (Redditors are also trying to decipher the code on the cube — see the progress here.)

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On another reddit thread, deadmau5 also confirmed that he’ll be working on a new album following Ultra “while the adults schedule up the tour shit and lock in the dates.” Deadmau5’s last album, not counting his orchestral project from 2018, where’s the drop?, was 2016’s W:/2016ALBUM/.