Martin Garrix took the stage at Tomorrowland Winter and debuted a new version of an ID called “Mistaken.”

Fans were surprised to hear a different drop than what he first played at ADE. According to Martin Garrix Hub, which is the one-stop source for all things Martin Garrix, some were even hoping he’d change up his original track.

Ever since Martijn premiered the song at ADE, a lot of fans were not that impressed with the drop. Martijn probaby saw the feedback and now he is planning to change the drop completely. What do you guys think? He should change the drop or not? Tweet him and let him know.

From the sounds of it, fans are split on both sides, but thankfully Martin responded:

I’m gonna do both versions 😀

Listen below and let us know your favorite!

Martin Garrix “Mistaken” at Tomorrowland Winter


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