Those hoping to headbang and listen to heavy dubstep on Getter’s current Visceral tour are likely to be disappointed — but that’s not an affront on their tastes, nor is it a cruel joke perpetrated by Getter. Rather, the tour is showcasing Getter’s albumย Visceral, out last year, nothing more, nothing less.

Still, Getter is true to his fans, and after hearing criticism of his tour set, he vowed to modify some things to broaden the appeal.ย Even then, he was still booed and heckled at Stereo Live in Houston last night on tour for playing the music he loves.

Getter has remained silent on the matter most of today, until he finally tweeted out recently. “Boo me all you want, I’m still doing this shit,” he concludes.

His Visceral tour continues tonight at Stereo Live in Dallas.

Listen toย Visceralย again below.