Remember Myspace? The era of the “Top 8” and your BFF, “Tom.” Many of us deleted our profiles long ago, when we ditched the social media platform for a shiny, new Facebook. However, some have been using Myspace all along — and their music catalogs are in serious trouble. Or worse, gone forever.

As Redditors have pointed out, Myspace has permanently lost user files — a ton of them — over the years. One Myspace user brought the huge issue to light with the following statement:

About a year ago, all music on MySpace from 2015 and older stopped working. At first MySpace said they were working on the issue, but they eventually admitted they lost all the data (and apparently didn’t have backups?). See this thread for more details.

Consequence of Sound has since confirmed that Myspace lost a total of 50 million songs uploaded between 2003 and 2015. Anyone hoping to keep what they’ve uploaded to the platform better back it up immediately, if anything of their profile still remains.

Myspace’s Data Privacy Officer confirmed, “Due to a server migration, files were corrupted and unable to be transferred over to our updated site. There is no way to recover the lost data.”


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Source: Consequence of Sound