ODESZA have perfected their sound and harnessed their live energy in ways that have to be heard to believe. Take this live edit as an example from their own very own Sundara Music Festival, which took place over the weekend.

Their modern translation of a classic, fan-favorite track “iPlayYouListen” wowed the audience during the destination fest. Now, thanks to Festival Squad we can all hear the magic from home, too.

The video below perfectly captures the moment when ODESZA played out a never-before-heard version of the track. The irresistible production sounds as good as ever, with a new live twist from these masterminds. Listen to the original music video for reference and hear the difference.

Seeing ODESZA in concert is an unearthly experience like no other, but this will tide us over until we can see them again. Watch below!

ODESZA – iPlayYouListen (Live Edit)

ODESZA drops BRAND NEW edit of iPlayYouListen at the inaugural SUNDARA festival 🙌🌴

Posted by Festival Squad on Saturday, 16 March 2019