Getting your artist debut with a collaboration on Rezz’s debut album is one hell of a way to kick things off, and that’s exactly what 13 did. Putting out “DRUGS!” with Rezz in 2017, he followed it up with “The Crazy Ones” on her sophomore in 2018, while also dropping his debut, self-titled EP the same year.

Now, in 2019, after belters like “Uppercut” and “Old World Order,” 13 returns with his first EP on mau5trap, Revelation. Following in the steps of i_o, No Mana, and Rezz (all of whom are playing Beyond Wonderland this weekend, by the way), 13 blends heavy bass, techno, and house for an all-encompassing and speaker flexing debut.

The only single fans have heard from the EP is “Oath,” leaving “Delusion” and “Purgatory” open to interpretation. Both tracks only add to the unique sonic signature that 13 is developing.

Check out Revelation below, out now on mau5trap.