DJs take a lot of criticism. Unfortunately, it just comes with the territory. Even pros like Kaskade can’t please everyone, every set. But, let’s take a quick moment to applaud the way he handled the following tweet, shall we?

The conversation started when a fan voiced their concern following Kaskade’s Phoenix Lights performance over the weekend. Apparently it sounded like he just “threw bs together,” at least in this person’s opinion. Kaskade could have easily grazed over the tweet and ignored, but he spoke up instead.

This set seemed to anger some people AND make others very happy. I admit I went well into the redux zone on the main stage… sometimes I just can’t help myself. redux was never meant for the masses.

Kaskade’s Redux concept is quite different than his traditional sets. It celebrates his roots, the music he listened to coming up. To hear a Redux set is to better understand Kaskade as an artist.

But here’s the kicker…

I hope by writing this tweet your day has been made brighter and a weight lifted

Ah, Kaskade put him down gently with a little sarcasm and carried on. He stood by his work, knowing that many would love it — and some might hate it. Moral of the story: true fans will stick by an artist no matter what.


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