It’s been almost two weeks since Ultra Music Festival ended, marking its first time at Virginia Key this year. The event wasn’t without its challenges, which was to be expected after only having four months to prepare. Transportation issues the first day, as well as a small fire, contributed to a flood of negative comments on social media; however, the festival ended on a positive note.

Now, the Miami City Council must vote on whether it gets another year on Virginia Key. When the current contract was approved by a 4-1 vote last November, it included a revocable option within 60 days after the festival given special circumstances.

The City Council included a discussion on Ultra in its agenda for the meeting today, which Miami Herald reporter Joey Flechas attended — Flechas has been instrumental in sharing Ultra news from the meetings, including the vote last year. Over the course of the meeting, Key Biscayne Mayor Mike Davey appeared to oppose the festival returning in 2020. Davey created a defamatory video before the issue went to vote last year, which Ultra called “blatantly disreputable.”

Commissioner Joe Carollo, who was the sole nay vote last November, continued to voice his opposition to the festival. “Carollo makes it clear, if it isn’t already: He will oppose bringing Ultra back to Virginia Key,” tweeted Flechas during the meeting.

City Manager Emilio Gonzalez and Commissioner Keon Hardemon voiced their support for the festival, recognizing the monumental task they were given with only months to prepare. Flechas tweeted, “Hardemon said Ultra was given lemons & they made lemonade.”

Ultra is now in the 2-month period where the city has to decide if it wants keep festival on the island. Flechas says that a vote is scheduled for May 9, 21 days before the 2-month period ends.

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