Gesaffelstein dropped his new album HYPERION earlier this year amidst many mixed reactions. Even here at Your EDM, we weren’t really sure what to make of the pop-infused techno and forward-thinking release. Even more so, we were worried that kind of indecision would bleed into his return to live shows at Coachella this weekend.

Thankfully, that was 1000% not the case.

The prince of darkness took the stage at the Outdoor Theater at 7:45pm on Sunday and proceeded to lay down a torrent of techno and dark beats upon the unsuspecting crowd. The Coachella kids who probably first learned of him because he put out a song with The Weeknd or HAIM were surely struck by the persistent beats and minimalist production.

Those of us who’ve known Gesaffelstein, however, more than welcomed his return to form. Sporting a new outfit and missing his usual chainsmoking, Gesaffelstein transported the crowd into another dimension over the course of an hour.

Listen to the set below while you can — Coachella is taking them down quick.


Photo courtesy of Coachella