Skrillex just announced new music. Skrillex just announced new music.

We’ll say it louder for the people in the back: SKRILLEX JUST ANNOUNCED NEW MUSIC.

The producer, who recently worked on Kelsey Lu‘s original song “Due West,” has remixed the track and it releases this Friday. With a gorgeous soundscape to begin with, no doubt this remix is going to be incredible.

Skrillex already confirmed he has plenty of forthcoming releases queued up. Aside from a Dog Blood EP coming the end of this month, he sees his most current work being broken down into a “couple bodies of work.” There’s plenty more in the works.

The wait is almost over. We’ve experienced the Skrillex drought and have come out on the other side. Get ready for his “Due West” remix in just two days!

Skrillex  “Due West” Remix Coming Friday


Photo via CTL for Insomniac Events