Guy Who Took Too Much Acid & Stripped Naked At EDC Answers Questions On Reddit

Look, we know… it’s EDC. You’re ready to have the time of your life, maybe partake in some illicit substances? (TEST YOUR STUFF.) But remember, everyone has their limits. For this one raver in particular, those limits were surpassed and it ended in a pretty embarrassing situation. According to his post on Reddit, he took way too much acid and ended up naked at quantumVALLEY. Thankfully, no one ended up hurt and he made it back to the festival for the rest of the weekend!

Read his tale below as he answers questions from concerned readers. Read the full thread here.

Naked and on acid at EDC

I was the naked guy from the front of the Quantum Valley at 7:05ish on day one AMA from electricdaisycarnival


Photo via Calder Wilson for Insomniac Events