Relationships can be tricky, but most of the time it boils down to trust. And when two partners don’t trust each other, terrible things can happen. 20-year-old Ryan Mansour, who is jailed on an attempted murder charge, allegedly ran over his estranged girlfriend for apparently attending EDC Las Vegas “against his wishes.”

Reports Las Vegas Review-Journal, Mansour saw posts from his girlfriend at the festival last Tuesday, and left his work to go “get back all the things he ever gave her,” because she “did not deserve the cards or bears he gave her in the past.”

During the course of the argument, his girlfriend, whose name was redacted in the official police report, got into Mansour’s car and later got out. Mansour said he backed up, put the car in drive, without seeing her, and “almost immediately heard (the victim) say ‘stop, stop.’”

Mansour’s attorney asserts that he was quick to recognize the gravity of the situation and leapt out to “jack the car up” to get her out from under it. “Ryan stated he did not run her over on purpose but admitted he was full of rage and made a dumb mistake due to his state of mind,” his arrest report states.

Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Ann Zimmerman ordered Mansour held on $25,000 bail. “I can’t ignore how serious this case is,” the judge said, “and how serious her injuries are.”

The victim suffered a broken leg, broken arm, broken pelvis, lacerated liver and collapsed lung, along with burns to her face and body, wrote LVRJ.


Photo by Marc Van Der Aa for Insomniac Events