At long last, after years of waiting, we have a new solo original from Madeon.

It’s been four years since Madeon released his debut album Adventure, but it’s also not like he’s been completely silent in the time since. After touring the album, he created “Shelter” with Porter Robinson which spawned one of the greatest tours electronic music has seen in recent memory. And as good as “Shelter” was, we were still left wanting for some pure Hugo goodness.

His new single “All My Friends” officially released today and it’s immediately apparent he’s taken his sound to the next level. All of the lessons learned from Adventure and all of the influences he’s acquired in the years since are present in this funky, incredible single.

The new single marks the introduction to Good Faith, the new era of Madeon. Speaking about the new music, he says, “’All My Friends’ is a song I sang, wrote and produced. I wanted to make the kind of ambitious pop music I’ve always hoped I could make someday.”

“All My Friends” is just the beginning. Fans can also catch Madeon at this year’s Lollapalooza festival in August, where he will debut his brand new live show.

Listen to “All My Friends” below!

Madeon – All My Friends