Some mornings, I wake up and need a different kind of energy in my life. Whether it’s gloomy or sunny, house gives me that pep in my step and the drive to get the day going in a positive direction. As soon as I heard “Hussy” from Lex & Wood and Dead Space, I could feel the engine in my chest start to beat harder.

“Hussy” blends catchy vocals, masterfully timed snares, and powerful house rhythms for an addictive musical experience that leaves you with tired feet and a smile straight across your face.

Personally, I’m listening to this in the morning and thriving, but it’s just as important in the late hours of the night when you’re on your fourth vodka red bull and ready to keep moving. Once you hear that bassline come in timed perfectly with the kick, you know you’re in for a wild ride.

Listen to “Hussy” from Lex & Wood and Dead Space featuring Pony below.