All the way back in April (wow, it really seems like forever ago, doesn’t it?), Martin Garrix, Macklemore & Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy teamed up for the smash summer hit, “Summer Days.” It’s taken until now for any of them to appear on stage together, but it’s finally happened…

For Main Square Festival in France, the crowd at Garrix’s set were treated to Macklemore coming out as special guest to perform their single. They were both booked to perform the same day of the festival, so the timing just worked out in their favor.

As soon as Macklemore comes out on stage, you can hear the crowd start to go absolutely wild.

Garrix brought his ANIMA production to the festival which definitely amped up the energy — check out the clip below and see some highlights from Martin himself, still hopping around on one leg after his ankle surgery.


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