Swedish House Mafia Drop New Merch & Fans Are Trashing It Hard

It always seems like Swedish House Mafia’s “epic” reunion tour is one step forward and two steps back. After a grueling promotional campaign over which they announced more than a dozen shows (and none in the US), they’ve still yet to release any new music and are relying purely on nostalgia for ticket sales.

I suppose if something ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But it’s a huge disservice to Swedish House Mafia fans, in my opinion.

Now, the group has dropped a new shirt as part of their merch line and it’s getting a lot of mixed reactions from fans. Resembling the metal band designs of the ’80s, with bold lettering, plenty of red & fire and lightning, the shirt is selling for €40. Of course the die hards copped them immediately, but plenty of people aren’t so eager to bite into the hype.

See some of the responses below.

Image by Hannes Soderlund