Australian DJ/Producer Throttle is back with a brand new single, and also, a whole new chapter in his musical career. Well known for his “dirty disco” sound, Throttle has become a prolific producer over the past few years with a slew of solo hits and collaborations with the likes of Oliver Heldens and Galantis. Throttle’s most common stylistic theme is his upbeat, groovy, disco house sound, his latest track, “Dreamer” is a massive departure from that, and it’s done purposely.

“Dreamer” is a full on progressive house track. Opening with some anthemic synths, this song is packed with emotion. A distorted vocal track plays over the melody, however, the muffled lyrics add to the ambiance and mood of the song. The buildup comes in slowly, but then we get a magnificent drop centered around another synth melody. The drop is pure progressive house bliss, you simply want to close your eyes, put your hands in the air and get lost in the melody.

According to Robbie, “Dreamer” is only the beginning of a ton of new music from Throttle. We don’t have all the inside info yet, but it sounds like Throttle is headed for some type of a re-brand, or at least some kind of deviation from his dirty disco sound. Either way, Throttle is a gifted producer and we’re here for it. Here’s what Robbie had to say about “Dreamer.”

“‘Dreamer’ is the start of a new chapter for Throttle. It is about tearing down any creative walls I’ve built for myself and creating a full experience with my music. Monstercat is not only the most forward-thinking label in the industry, but were the first to believe in me when I was a 14-year-old bedroom producer. I couldn’t think of a better partner to have alongside me for this new project.” – Throttle

Check out Throttle’s latest release “Dreamer” out now on Monstercat.