Don’t you just love when a classic gets a re-boot? Ferry Corsten has enlisted Kristian Nairn AKA Hodor from Game of Thrones for a fresh new re-imagining of Ferry’s 1996 classic “Galaxia.” The original came out at a time way before festivals, so you can hear how it’s made specifically for the club. The updated version of “Galaxia” is a full on progressive trance track, tailor-made for any of Ferry’s sets, club or festival. I haven’t been to a Rave of Thrones, but I’m guessing this fits the bill there as well.

Ferry’s uplifting trance vibes are detectable right from the get-go of the track. After the initial beat to open, we get some melodic trance synths. The synths are isolated for a short bit before being layered over the beat. From there, the synths continue until the track progresses to the buildup and drop. Never straying far from the initial synths, the track is utterly danceable, the drop is melodic and euphoric. This track is truly a gem. Here’s what the legendary Dutch trance producer and the Game of Thrones favorite had to say about re-creating “Galaxia.”

“I never thought that ‘Galaxia’ would’ve had such a long span over the years when I first released it under Moonman but it still seems to resonate. I’m very happy to see everyone still remembers the track and it feels great to bring Kristian on board to freshen it up.” – Ferry Corsten

“Galaxia is one of the favourite tracks from my early days of clubbing. Naturally, when I got the chance to work with Ferry on it, I jumped on it. I tried to keep the warm feel of the track and come at it with my own melodies.” – Kristian Nairn

Check out Ferry Corsten and Kristian Nairn’s “Galaxia” out now on Ferry’s Flashover Recordings.