It’s an exciting time for Golf Clap and the entire Country Club Disco community. The duo consisting of Hugh Cleal and Bryan Jones are heading out on their Come Alive tour — hitting up a city near you!

Coming off a breakout 2018, Golf Clap are primed to take over the house music scene in 2019 and beyond. With standout performances at Miami Music Week, Movement, and Electric Forest under their belts already this year, they’re carrying that momentum, along with their nonstop, palpable energy on tour.

It’s easy to hear the passion behind their music, based in Detroit and Chicago house roots. Most recently with their gripping freebie “Demo Tapes” released via their own Country Club Disco and dreamy “White Horse” remix for Madi on Moving Castle. In addition, Golf Clap just released a full, hour-long Come Alive tour mix to set the vibe right (listen below).

Anyone familiar with Golf Clap knows they’re just scratching the surface with the project’s potential and that of their promising Country Club Disco imprint. Take our word for it — seeing them at this stage, on the verge of something huge — that’s what makes their Come Alive tour one hot ticket. Plus, nobody throws a party quite like Golf Clap does!

Simply put, the Come Alive tour is bound to be their best yet — featuring Mija, Dom Dolla, Christian Martin, Will Clarke, Worthy, Sinden and several other special guests TBA. Austin, Chicago, SF, Detroit, and Denver will see Country Club Disco showcases, highlighting up-and-coming friends of the label including Westend, Zendlo, Masteria, and Devon James. Tickets here.

See the full list of dates below and scroll down for a full interview with the masterminds behind the operation. They talk touring (obviously), as well as their close knit bond and the blossoming Country Club Disco movement.

Hit play and read on!

Come Alive Tour Mix

Come Alive Tour Dates

What’s the idea behind the Come Alive tour?

We originally planned on creating an augmented reality version of the poster where you could view it through your cameraphone and trigger the video of us coming alive out of the poster. This proved to be a huge task and without knowing exactly how long it would take to get approved we ended up with the video flyer since we already had shot the green screen footage. We just thought it was a cool concept and overall idea to roll for this tour and we have some plans to do some cool interactive things for the tour shows using AR.

2018 was a truly breakout year for you guys — What are some of the biggest things you learned in that growing year to bring on tour with you?

For one we are doing our main tour in the fall this year which gave us alot more time to work on music and just focus on festival plays over the summer. Doing the tour in the fall allows us to hit a lot more cities than we normally would. I guess also it helped us figure out what was really important for 2019 so that we could really double our efforts on the community.

What are the biggest things you guys have learned about each other after playing together for six years?

So much has changed and evolved but so much has stayed consistent. We are really in a good harmony of work and social life with each other and that translates on stage with our chemistry and interaction. We are very different people with alot of similarities if that makes sense and having a partner thats brutally honest with you really helps stay in check. As long as we keep that up there is no end in sight.

You guys are able to play to the crowd like no other — What’s your best advice for DJs going on tour?

Look up more, and pay attention to the crowd. It’s easy to dismiss a crowd’s reaction to their lack of knowledge on music but in reality we are working for the crowd and if they aren’t getting what they want its all for nothing. Put the ego aside and just focus on entertaining for once instead of trying to educate everyone. In this day and age people are all about self discovery so the more its forced on them the more they reject it. Another thing is to focus on the people REALLY dancing. It’s alot easier to focus on pleasing one small part of the crowd that in turn will get alot more people dancing.

The Country Club Disco Community is blossoming — Please describe the importance of this relationship to your project.

For years there has always been some level of disconnect between fans and artists. There is a fine line thats drawn between being accessible and being aloof and with platforms like the community page we are able to break down a majority of topics that people come to us for and organize them in a way thats easy to find. The biggest thing we are trying to do with the community page is create reliable actionable archives of information and best practices that we use ourselves so that new artists can shorten the time it takes them to get where they want to go in the industry.

Much of your success can be attributed to that Detroit hustle you uphold! Can you speak on this?

Detroit has always been a big DIY community and the music business is constantly evolving so it creates the perfect storm for creativity and innovation here. That tied with the revitalization efforts in the city creates a sense of urgency not found everywhere. This is a city with a thousand opportunities popping up daily and the culture here has always adopted the mindset of jumping on things while they are hot. This allows us to learn to be good at changing and adapting which is also something most people would rather never do if they don’t have to.

Finally — What keeps you guys going, creating every day?

The people we are able to touch and have any kind of impact are the reason why we keep doing this. Getting to travel the world and the culture we get to absorb is probably a close second.

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