We’re catching some chat with Just A Gent this week, who just put out the wicked ‘Time Voyage’ with Hauskey on Monstercat.  The Aussie has inimitable style as a producer and his refreshing talent is bringing about a natural hype to his name. Take a read of our interview with JAG below – and his new EP is on the way!

Thank you for joining us! Where in the world are you based right now?

Currently I’m still based out of my hometown Newcastle, Australia. I’ve been spending a fair bit of time travelling around lately though and I’ve needed it for the inspiration to finish this record.

What is the Just A Gent sound all about? Did it take a while to firmly establish your vibe?

Yeah of course, I would of been producing music for about 3 or 4 years before I even really knew what I wanted to make. Just like a lot of other producers I learnt how to make music through the internet (specifically YouTube and the image-line forums) and essentially just remade other tracks and then put a twist to them. It wasn’t until I really started experimenting that I came up with that ‘JAG sound.’

What do you love most about making music? Have you always known you wanted to do it?

I have loved music my whole life, it’s always been the one thing that can change my mood or make me feel a different way every time instantly. I wrote songs when I was around 7/8 years old and then got into DJing when I was around 11. I was balling as an 11 year old cause I got all the school discos and parties, except for the only other local DJ (shoutout Majestic Mobile Music). So essentially that funded me purchasing FL Studio and I when I discovered the possibilities of literally being able to make any sound that came to my mind. I knew what I wanted to do.

Who or what are you currently really into, music-wise?

Currently I’m listening to the latest compilation from BitBird, ‘Gouldian Finch 3.’ It has been out for a bit but the whole album is just so forward-thinking.

I am also absolutely in love with the Australian band I Know Leopard’s new album ‘Love is a Landmine.’ Easily my favourite album of the year and super underrated.

‘Time Voyage’ is an incredible listen. How long did you work on it for?

Thank you very much! The total project time all up ended being around 50 hours but that includes mixing and I made a million different versions of this track before we finally settled on the final edit. The best part of the process was when I got Andy (Hauskey) and Hannah Oblikov (the cellist) to come into this Airbnb apartment in Sydney where I was getting constantly in trouble for noise and we recorded both the cello and vocal there – all in a couple of takes. That night I just couldn’t stop listening to the track, it just felt so perfect.

How does it feel to work with a label like Monstercat?

Monstercat is and will always be one of my favourite labels. It was a huge influence on my taste in electronic music, every single release is top-notch so it’s an absolute dream to be releasing with them.

What plans do you have for the rest of the summer?

Release this EP and get prepared for big things in 2020.

Could you share a little known fact about yourself?

I’m trying to be a vegetarian.