Originally from LA, the electronic DJ Nala is beginning to shake up the world of production with her all-encompassing sound. She turned countless heads with the release of debut single ‘Telepathy,’ and has since gone on to deliver ‘Gravity,’ which is out now.

There is a deeply personal message that shines from the emotive backdrop of vocals and liquid piano licks. The tune rises and falls with seamless energy, allowing room for it to build and grow. She says of its story:

“I had been single for a long while and got involved with someone who was very caring and attentive. Eventually, that attentiveness started to make me feel suffocated. The song reflects my desire for space from the relationship and how the lack of that space caused me to feel like I couldn’t breathe. The song starts more spacious and by the end should feel as if there’s no space left – reflecting that suffocating feeling.”

‘Gravity’ can be snapped up here.