Over three years ago, Hippie Sabotage created chaos on stage at What The Festival when their actions forced security to come on stage and shut them down. Instead of complying, they retaliated against security and created a huge fight on stage which then rippled throughout the EDM community and garnered them a lot of hate. They also got into it personally with Ekali, back when Periscope was still a thing.

It seems that, even after three years, the EDM community has still not forgiven Hippie Sabotage for their actions. The lineup for Okeechobee 2020 was announced today, with HS taking a prominent spot on Sunday’s lineup, and that has driven a group of Twitter users angry over the booking.

Additionally, HS have taken to blocking over two dozen people who are complaining about their spot on the lineup, and more are simply egging them on, asking to be blocked.

Okeechobee returns next year after taking 2019 off with Insomniac as a new owner of the festival. Rufus Du Sol, Bassnectar, Vampire Weekend, and Mumford & Sons are headlining.


Photo via Virisa Young for Insomniac Events