This past weekend, Drake came out as the special guest at Tyler, The Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw and was summarily booed off stage. The crowd and CFG fandom had gotten it into their sets, through no fault of Tyler’s or the CFG team, that Frank Ocean was the special guest on Sunday night. When Drake came out instead, enough of the crowd caused a ruckus that he ended up walking off stage.

Tyler already hit back at his own fans, tweeting out, “Some created a narrative in their head and acted out like assholes when it didn’t come true and I don’t fuck with that.” He continued, “Y’all represented me and Flog to my guest and made us look sooo entitled and trash.”

Now, Drake himself has clapped back at the crowd who booed him off, captioning a new Instagram post, “Plot twist…just signed a 10 year residency at Camp Flog Gnaw sorry kids see you EVERY SINGLE YEAR till you are 30.”


Photo via The Holy Mountain for Insomniac