I’m not being vain to say you’d be hard pressed to find a bigger Nero fan than me. My love for the UK duo goes back to 2010, before their stunning debut album, Welcome Reality, and though they’ve tested my faith at times, they always find a way back into my heart. One of their best songs is undoubtedly “Satisfy,” the lead single from their sophomore album, Between II Worlds.

Many have tried to remix it and many have failed. But blanke didn’t try to remix it, technically, he just flipped it. And maybe it’s that difference in approach, but it seems that someone has finally cracked the formula.

Blanke starts with the “Satisfy” core and builds out on it, finding different tempos for the mix and putting his own dastardly spin on it. Little effects keep it grounded to the original, but the drops are newly improvised and feel organic in the mix.

Perhaps the secret here was that blanke wasn’t trying to emulate Nero… he was just being blanke. Check it out below.