Lucii and DirtySnatcha have both presented themselves as rising artists to watch (wink) in the past year, and now they’ve teamed up for this new bright and intense collab, “I Need Your High.”

This one has three distinct drops, each drawing upon a different era of dubstep and doing each proper justice. Tied together by Lucii’s vocals, the first drop is unabashedly Wakaan with staccato bass stabs and a crazy, oscillating lead synth. The second drop brings far more melody into the mix, reminding me of the melodic bass boom of the 2011-2013 era. Finally, the last drop is just a full-on wall of bass that should finally finish the job if the other drops hadn’t already.

“‘I Need Your High’ is walking through the emotional process of falling in love. We’ve all been in love and know the highs and lows that coincide. In going through that, I felt like it was important to convey to people that they aren’t alone. It’s so emotional that it almost makes us feel insane and then we start to question things. It’s better to have loved and lost than not loved at all!” – Lucii

Check out “I Need Your High” below, out now via Wakaan.