Gabber Eleganza and Joy BC have collaborated on these one-of-a-kind rave whistles that dance between “music, material, and the body.”

For this unique, 40-piece only run, the massed-produce rave whistle of the 90s is completely reimagined with a noble metal. The words “NEVER” and “SLEEP” are engraved over each side, with options for personal engraving as well. Each is hand made, so there will be slight differences.

“The whistle isn’t just an emblem of the times as it cuts through the air and digital noise, it’s also a bespoke piece that heralds back to traditions that are as much tribal as they are cerebral,” Eleganza explains of the item.

“The whistle represents anarchy, revolution and the sound of your mother telling you to get home after playing outside after 9pm.”

The solid 925 silver accessories don’t come cheap, however. These rave whistles are available starting at €1,350 or $1,495. Order here.


Source: DJ Mag | Photo via Gabber Eleganza