Kidswaste first started writing songs in his bedroom studio in the north of France and has grown to create an exciting and successful career thus far. He’s collaborated with high-caliber artists like Chelsea Cutler, his releases have amassed more than than 75 million streams across various platforms, and he’s established himself as a frequent flyer across the flagship editorial playlist programs at Spotify and Apple. Having spent the majority of the past year dialing in on the sound and craft for his first full-length album, there is an entirely new sonic palette soon to be unleashed, which we are very excited for!

Kidswaste’s new single “Need You” showcases how talented he actually is. It’s three and a half minutes of bliss and beauty that you’ll find yourself repeating over and over again.

When asked about this song, he revealed that he “was dealing with a lot of internal struggle about things that were pretty far out of my control.” He went on to express that the hopelessness he felt, followed by disappointment, helped him to pinpoint his mental state at the time. Via the emotive elements and heartfelt lyrics, Kidwaste explains that “sometimes you need to take a step back and give someone else space to make their own choices, and you can’t control the outcome at that point.”

“Need You” is a story that unfolds from start to finish, the newest chapter in Kidswaste’s growing legacy. Add it to your playlists and stream it below!