The gravitational pull that is EDM has brought Ekali and Illenium together — and after much anticipation “Hard To Say Goodbye” is finally here.

This collaboration perfectly blends the creative energies of Ekali and Illenium into one bittersweet song, and we’d expect nothing less. “Hard To Say Goodbye” boasts Ekali’s distinct beat making and a true Illenium build, but by the time the song “drops” their styles have intertwined. Nothing here is too risky or overdone, it’s just right.

The production also relies heavily on a stunning vocal performance from Chloe Angelides. As she coos out the heartfelt lyrics, we hang on every single word.

Listen here and catch a feel!

Ekali & Illenium – Hard To Say Goodbye (ft. Chloe Angelides)


Photo via OHDAGYO