It wasn’t that long ago that some “fans” were criticizing Dabin for smashing guitars on stage while on tour with Illenium. Though he wrote quite a lengthy response very soon after, it appears the team wasn’t intent on letting it all go and turned the criticism into a meme.

At Illenium’s show this past weekend in Los Angeles, they took the joke one step further by displaying all the negative comments on screen while “Throwin Elbows” was playing — the part of the show during which Dabin traditionally trashes his guitar.

The effect was comical, but the reaction on Reddit was split between people thinking they should have just let the joke go and others joining in on the fun. Let us know what you think in the comments, and check out the image below!

From someone’s Facebook post. They displayed all the guitar smashing comments on the screen during Illenium’s show. Some quality trolling right here. from EDM


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