The queen herself, WHIPPED CREAM just dropped a VIP on us — so brace yourselves!

Back in November, WHIPPED CREAM released her highly anticipated collaboration with superstar rapper Lil Xan, and now “Told Ya” is getting the VIP treatment.

A banger by nature, the original track’s distorted hip hop roots remain intact, while WHIPPED CREAM goes off with her fierce, untamed style, coloring outside the lines. Hyper drum patterns, rattling synths and eerie textures make this version of “Told Ya” highly thrilling, down to the last drop.

There’s a reason everyone in the music industry is paying attention to WHIPPED CREAM. In the tweet below, she promises this is only the beginning.

Listen up and get ready for another massive year from WHIPPED CREAM in 2020!

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Get it: