Nicky Romero is hitting the ground running in 2020. After recently announcing that he’ll be headlining a Call of Duty event in London next month, Nicky has dropped his first single of 2020, “I See.” This a solid club track from the Dutch producer/DJ and it definitely makes you feel like you’re right in the middle of a packed dance floor with CO2 bursts going off in the background. “I See” is also the first single off of Nick’s upcoming Redefine EP. After Nicky put out a wide array of tracks in 2019 and leaned more into radio-friendly tunes, it’s very exciting to see him go back to a more club-friendly sound.

The track definitely projects some old school rave vibes, it opens with a male vocal over dueling piano and synth notes. There’s some cool electronic elements in the background as it fades into the buildup. The drop is just a few synth notes along with the percussion and drums in the background, but it’s super effective. After the drop and during the subsequent musical bridge, you can feel yourself inside a dark club. The houselights are going down and the colored beams are coloring the background, or at least that’s what I envision. Nicky has been opening a lot of live sets with “I See” so this has to be a happy moment for all fans of the luminary Dutch DJ.

Listen to Nicky Romero’s first single of 2020, “I See” out now on Protocol. Stay tuned for more information on Nicky’s upcoming Redefine EP.