Not even out of January yet, most artists are still in the “first track of the year” phase of 2020. Coming in now are Quiet Bison and capshun with their new, bombastic collaboration, “Acai Tower.”

With heavy trap and future bass tones, explored within the Eastern chord progression, crisp snares, and distorted bass, “Acai Tower” is the definition of a banger. Then again, it certainly has a soft side to it. The track is unique in that the first two minutes are all build up and exposition, while the final 90 seconds are all drop. Even better is that the drop evolves within itself.

Typically, a drop will be followed by a bridge, then another rise, and hopefully a second, more complex or varied drop. In “Acai Tower,” capshun and Quiet Bison skip the middle man and go straight from the original drop to a more melodic and complex section right then and there.

“Originally I was envisioning the space this track lived in, I imagined nature and the exploration of this deep and lush forest that has never been explored. Quinn came to me with the name ‘Acai Tower’ and I knew that was the perfect choice.” – capshun

“It had a vibrant and lush sound so I imagined an abstract place where fruit was floating freely and the walls were coated in a color that was close to Jasper. Kind of abstract but that’s just what I thought of…” – Quiet Bison

Quiet Bison was named one of our Artists To Watch in 2020 and we’re proud to say that his first single this year hasn’t made us doubt our choice. Check out “Acai Tower” below, out now on Quality Goods.