Your EDM debuted Aradia two years ago in a New Artist Profile as a super-pop, super-fun 80s throwback alternative to the current mainstream pop/EDM mashup scene. Once again pairing empowering, positive vocals with new wave-inspired 80s electro melodies, Aradia is back with a new single, “No One Can Stop You.”

Aradia captured her own journey of self-discovery and empowerment in her music with her first LP Citizen of Earth and follow-up single, “CEO,” in which she highlighted her connection to the cosmos, the need to be self-actualized and take control over one’s own career and fate. With “No One Can Stop You,” Aradia once again has written a statement of empowerment both for herself and others trying to realize their dreams. As is apparent in the title, Aradia says it’s important to be driven and steadfast in one’s passion. In the music industry this is certainly true, and Aradia has indeed not given up.

With the music for “No One Can Stop You,” Aradia has gone even more retro 80s than her previous ventures, if such a thing is possible. While still writing all of her own music and performing those super-fun 80s pop synths, Aradia conscripted the production help of Tony Black, who also mixed and mastered the track. The result is a great mashup of Aradia’s retro funky style with the clean production lines of modern tracks done in this style. The music is mature and polished, complimenting the even more positive attitude of the song’s lyrics.

“No One Can Stop You” can really be seen as a progression for Aradia, both musically and in her own personal journey. She’s thrown off the shackles of what is expected of her by the music industry and really embraced her style in a way that must be so freeing for her. That freedom translates to her music, making “No One Can Stop You” her best release to-date.

“No One Can Stop You” is out now and can be streamed on Spotify along with her previous releases. Check out her Bandcamp page as well for upcoming show dates.