After about six months of guesting on big label compilations and collabs, NC-17 is back with some of his own curated vibes in a dual single out today on Program. “Scrub City” sees the Toronto artist teaming up with Dave Owen again as well as DJ Hybrid, while “History of Violence” is all NC-17.

With theĀ Pistol Whip collab EP with Dave Owen still fresh in everyone’s minds from last September, it’s good to see the two teaming up again for the “Scrub City” single and the addition of DJ Hybrid just pushes it that one step further. “Scrub City” has a melodic and cinematic intro, classic clean beats and snippy snares. The surprise in this track when the bass drops: it’s a sine wave bass line that swells in and out and hearkens back to early darkstep. It’s an interesting combination of styles and flavors that could only have come from this trio.

“History of Violence” is also a bit of a surprising track in the sense that NC-17 hasn’t really unleashed his darkstep demons in this way for quite a while: rolling, snare-heavy drums, lots of ambient sound work and multiple layers of sine wave bass make this track creepy and funky, unnerving and deeply satisfying all at the same time. Look out foghorn, your much more sophisticated parents, darkstep and techstep, are here to take you home to bed.

Here’s hoping that “Scrub City” and “History of Violence” are precursors to more great solo work this year for NC-17 but in the meantime they absolutely kill as stand alone tracks. With his own unique style to which there really is no parallel, NC-17 can release one track a year and it will always be one of the hottest of that year. Dave Owen and DJ Hybrid on “Scrub City” just add to that hotness.

“Scrub City” featuring Dave Owen and DJ Hybrid and “History of Violence” are out today, February 21 on Program. Click here to stream or buy on multiple platforms.