These past two days have blessed us with a double dose of Disclosure and we’re absolutely here for it!

Just yesterday, the dynamic duo dropped their brand new single “Ecstasy” along with its driving house rhythm and light, funky atmosphere. Today, they change it up with an extremely flavorful disco-infused tune “Tondo” featuring Cameroonian musician Eko Roosevelt, proving once again they can shift gears effortlessly.

If for some odd reason “Ecstasy” didn’t make you dance, “Tondo” is a near guarantee. The rhythm section alone is enough to get us moving and grooving, not to mention the pumping four on the floor action and infectious vocal chants.

The guys behind the project, brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence, previously spoke with triple j Drive about their upcoming music and it seems they have more material than they know what to do with. They shared, “We’ve written over 100 songs over the last couple years and haven’t compiled them in any order or chosen which ones we’re going to release.”

With little warning, Disclosure recently announced their return and now they’re dropping singles left and right… Will we get another tomorrow? Check back and see!

Disclosure – Tondo featuring Eko Roosevelt


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