Irad Brant, better known as ALRT, has just dropped a weighty set of five tunes. They come under NRG Vol.1 and are inspired by the classic rave hits of the 90s. This is a producer with widespread support and a truly eye-catching approach to production.

He opens with the vocal-driven ‘Higher Love,’ sending you soaring from the dance floor with its anthemic bassline. There’s a pacy collaboration with Callum Higby via ‘Feel My NRG,’ whilst he takes things down a murkier route with the rolling dubstep cut ‘RVLTN,’ which goes full-throttle.

ALRT explains the project’s meaning in the following summary: “NRG’ is high energy music that is highly influenced from the 90’s electronic music scene. ‘Feel My NRG’ is an all out hard dance sound which expresses the movement and motivation I am wanting to push to all listeners. Tracks such as ‘Higher Love’ and ‘RVLTN’ bring that same upbeat intensity, with unique twists and surprises as you continue to listen through.”

Check out NRG Vol.1 below