It’s only the middle of the week, but SWARM & TINYKVT are helping to get over the Wednesday hump with a new single called, “Devil’s At Your Door.”

The second single off SWARM’s forthcoming¬†Eat Me Alive¬†EP (out 3/4), “Devil’s At Your Door” also introduces a new name: TINYKVT. The collaborator, fka Tori Letzler, offers her vocals and production to the mix for a wild, diverse, and pulse pounding electro single.

Like any proper haunted house, the track begins with a bit more levity and progressively becomes darker and more intense as it goes along. Apropos the track’s title, it’s as if the devil shows up at your door and begins speaking, convincing you he’s a friend and to let him inside your home. By the end, he has succeeded at your goal and there is no escape.

Check out “Devil’s At Your Door” from SWARM & TINYKVT below, and stay excited for the full EP a week from today!