As we board our musical excursion through the year of 2020, there is undeniable talk amongst the crowd of a rise in drum and bass in the new decade. DJ’s, producers, and fans are in unison expressing a reignited love for the genre itself, and we at YourEDM could not be more excited about this. This monumental trudge is a truly remarkable movement, and producers worldwide are anxious to carve their artistic name in the walls of the drum and bass hall of fame. With that being said,  kLL sMTH exemplifies exactly how it should be executed. With precision.

This one is a very low-rumbling roller that while paying ode to the underground, still holds true to a heavy precedent on the genre itself as a whole. Characterized by a catchy bass line met with chest-thumping drums, this one is sure to stay in consistent rotation through an extensive list of artists and fans alike. Don’t sleep on this.

You can purchase the release here: