Elon Musk is full of billion-dollar ideas — and his next venture may very well be an underground rave.

The founder of SpaceX and co-founder and CEO of Tesla, also involved with a wealth of other businesses, is asking his 32 million Twitter followers if they think he should throw a “mega rave cave.” The function would go down under the Berlin Gigafactory, the manufacturing plant for Tesla.

Not only is Elon advertising this “mega rave cave,” he details an “epic sound system” and “woofers the size of a car.” Sound like a great time if you ask us!

He brought all of this up after absolutely dragging Coachella Music & Arts Festival, which was just postponed until October due to the coronavirus outbreak. He suggested Coachella “postpone itself until it stops sucking.”

Elon has since started up a poll, which has already acquired over 730,000 participants (90.1% for yes, 9.9% for no). So, “mega rave cave” — are you in? Vote below!

Elon Musk’s “Mega Rave Cave”