If you’re looking for some new music to add to your playlist this weekend then look no further than musician and producer obli, who makes his Foreign Family Collective debut delivering through ODESZA’s revered record label.

obli begins the two-track offering through the magnetic ‘recourse’ that entices immediately with the softening sound palate behind the alluring melodies. He builds the intensity within the track with an injection of hazy rhythms in the percussion as well as the darkened bassline creating a layer of gloom in the soundscape. This is offset in the chorus ,through the manipulating of vocal samples to provide a nice change of pace throughout.

‘hold you’ captures attention with a barely moving introduction; subtle melodic brilliance at its best. Again obli progresses this sublime cut forward with shimmering electronica riffs and warm folds of percussion.

Sonically, this artist showcases a maturity well beyond his years with the ability of creating the visual concepts for listeners through his music – fitting the Foreign Family Collective perfectly.