Amon Tobin has long been regarded as one of the top producers in sound design and creativity. Up there with Noisia and Aphex Twin, his glitchy and computerized sounds have always had an intense luster and intricacy that others either never reached or never strove to achieve.

He aimed to up the ante even further with his alias, Two Fingers, under which he’s released two albums since 2009, the last being in 2012. This past Friday, he released his third, Fight! Fight! Fight!, a blistering concoction of synths and drums that pushes the boundaries of what a human can do with pure digital sounds.

Enlisting Ivy Lab, G Jones, and Little Snake on the project, their influences are clearly heard throughout the pounding drums and acid-tinged synths and chord progressions. Beyond just the songwriting, the album is mastered beautifully, opening up so much space in the mix to ensure that each and every sound is given a chance to shine and absolutely slap. Of course, this type of production isn’t anything new to Two Fingers, either.

But even the songwriting and flow of the album is immaculate. It effortlessly ebbs and flows from intense to… less intense. The album never really lets go of its major sound scale, but at least in the case of “LALA Rhythm,” there’s a bit more room to breathe in between “LED Moon Rhythm” and “Nuff Swizz Rhythm,” the latter being one of the true standouts on the project.

A lot of the album makes use of creative panning, so headphones are a major recommendation, but definitely not necessary. Listening on speakers or with a sub is still plenty stimulating and enough to get the full experience.

Fight! Fight! Fight!¬†isn’t like anything else you’re going to hear in electronic music this year, apart from maybe EPROM, Tsuruda, G Jones, and that group. That’s something that I really love about it, that it’s able to push the boundaries that far and stand in a class of its own while still standing up to traditional musical progressions and still sounding¬†this good.

Listen to Fight! Fight! Fight!, the new album from Two Fingers aka Amon Tobin, below!