If you don’t know Flying Lotus, chances are you’ve at least heard his music. Since 2006, he has been responsible for a majority of the music on Adult Swim’s eccentric bumps. Since his last album late in 2014 called You’re Dead!,¬†fans have been patiently awaiting any announcement on new tunes. What we got might be even better than any single or album.

FlyLo recently took to Twitter to make a new announcement: he’s now the new in-house DJ for Hannibal Buress’s show Why?¬†on Comedy Central. The show is a combination of sketches, stand-up, and interviews by Hannibal himself, and it’s pretty damn funny. Adding FlyLo was a great move, as he’s sure to spin some amazing stuff. And I say this not as an assumption but as a fact, as the second part of his announcement let us all know we’d be hearing “new shit.” I’m sure I speak for many when I say I absolutely can’t wait for the first episode to feature FlyLo as the in-house DJ. Check out the full Tweet below!

H/T: Pigeons and Planes